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"Retellity helped us get more online exposure and we really like the idea of being able to create deals, coupons and a loyalty rewards program without spending any money"
-Flirt Spa & Brow Bar

"It’s great finding coupons and deals for places I go already, but also places I haven’t tried yet."
-Christine M.

Why should consumers join Retellity?

Find Deals and Coupons

Discover local businesses that are offering sales and promotions

Gain Rewards

Get rewarded when you spread the word about local small businesses

Get VIP Event Invites

Local businesses can send you invitations to in-store events, which will automatically add to your calendar.

Discover Businesses

Look on the map or enter a search-term like “hair salon” to see which local businesses are near you

Why should local businesses join Retellity?

Discover and Connect

Discover other local businesses and create a referral network


Promote Deals or Events

Post promotions and in-store events to attract new customers

Rewards for Referrals

Reward customers for coming back or spreading the word about your business

Increase Online Visibility

Create a profile and become easily searchable by your community

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